IPSEF Speakers

Walid Ramadan M.Ed.

Chief Administration Officer, Bukhatir Education Advancement Management International (BEAM)

For seven straight years, and as the principal, Mr. Ramadan successfully led the International School of Creative Science (ISCS), Sharjah, UAE from 2008 to 2015. Under his principalship, ISCS was inspected by the Ministry of Education, and recognized as Highly Effective with Distinction in all 6 Focus Areas.

In addition, ISCS has been declared and for 4 consecutive years as the Centre of Excellence by Promethean, the leading IWBs provider. For the past 2 years, ISCS and its sister school (American School of Creative Science) in Sharjah are the only Centre of Excellence in the entire Middle-East.

During his last two years as the principal of ISCS, he took on another role and has been appointed as the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) of Beam (Bukhatir Education Advancement & Management International.)

As of October 2015, he permanently moved to Beam head office as the CAO.

Beam manages dual curriculum schools, in addition to professional training and development, and schools development and management services for independent owners.

Mr. Ramadan is a bilingual educator, and is a certified teacher in British Columbia (BC), Canada. He taught ICT and Business Studies. He earned his Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from BC, Canada as well. As a principal, he managed schools in BC, Canada, and in Jeddah, Saudi-Arabia. He served as a board member on different school boards in British Columbia, and was the Western Provinces representative on a national school board in Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Ramadan is an exceptionally successful educator with proven, consistent track record in leading schools with more than 20 years of solid and hands-on experience in education.

His experience is very broad and diverse, from new schools start up in British Columbia, to successful turn-around of established school in the UAE. He is skilled multitalented educationalist with a highly applicable background and exceptional leadership, communication, presentation, and team-building talents.

Mr Ramadan delivered many lectures and conducted numerous workshops on education and management in Canada, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.