IPSEF Speakers

Jia Liu

School Director, Shenwai Longgang International School

Luka Liu, an educator with 16-year of professional experience accumulated at secondary and tertiary level, has successfully established the international curriculum centre within a public middle school in China (Shenzhen Foreign Languages School) and undertaken the teaching task for AP and A-level courses. Along with her six-year managerial and academic exposure at the international curriculum centre, a total of about 500 Chinese graduates have advanced their studies at renowned universities worldwide, which is indispensable with Luka’s efforts in building up various channels for young elites from China to pursue their dream overseas.

At the invitation of Shenzhen Municipal Government in 2016, Luka has steered the wheel as the Head of an international school for IB curriculum, providing primary and secondary education, with a target enrolment of 1200 students.

In comparison with pedagogical and administrative approaches in China and western countries, Luka has formulated her own thoughts on issues such as curriculum, pedagogy, and moral education. Luka will combine the strengths of running schools in different countries. Luka also endeavours to inherit and integrate the essence of Chinese and western culture.