IPSEF Speakers

Denise Sinclair

MGS Principal, Matrix Global Schools

Denise holds a Masters in Education Management and has 28 years of school experience, 22 of which have included senior leadership roles in various schools and educational groups across the world including the UK, Italy, Egypt, Jordan and Libya. She has worked in Malaysia since 2011 and has extensive experience of international programmes as well the Malaysian curricular. Denise is also an experienced Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation team member and an active educational consultant. She has spoken at a large number of conferences including IPSEF and the Council of British International Schools (COBIS) event London 2015 and writes regularly for a number of local and international magazines regarding student learning.

She describes herself as someone who is passionate about the rights of the individual child to receive a quality learning experience. She believes education should be seen as an all-encompassing process, which is holistic, relevant and exciting. She also enjoys working alongside local colleagues and views their successful development, coupled with the bridging of local and international curricular, as the foundations on which to build a successful and self-sustaining school here in Malaysia.