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Whittle School & Studios Launches in China and the US

“While the world has become more connected and cross-cultural than ever before, the current best practices in education are not designed to accommodate this international climate,” said education reformer Chris Whittle, chairman and CEO of Whittle School & Studios. “If students are going to be successful, let alone appropriately adapted, it is crucial that they receive the knowledge and tools to become global citizens,” he added.

Whittle School & Studios was founded upon the notion that a global preK-12 school network, with campuses in over 30 of the world’s leading cities, can create an integrated community where students can receive a global education. The founder, Chris Whittle, spent over 40 years in education and media industries, where he spearheaded the charter school reform movement. Over time, he realized that curriculums need to diversify in order to prepare students for a globalized world, and they must be staffed by a team that is diverse in itself. Whittle School & Studios was founded so that multiculturalism is embedded deep in its DNA.

"If one stays in China for a long time, one cannot fail to show great respect for China’s development and unimaginable achievements during the past 30 years,” Chris Whittle said. He often likes to show a video to friends in the United States, which he took while taking the high-speed rail in China. In the video, he puts a glass full of drinks on the train windowsill. "These trains run at 300 kilometers per hour, but the drink in the glass doesn't even swish around—if this was in the in the United States, the drink would probably have already spilled at your feet.” In the United States, Whittle used to travel by train between New York and Washington, and "very few people on the train can sit down because the conditions are really that bad.”

Whittle believes that every country has its strengths and unique histories that we would be wise to incorporate into preK-12 curriculums globally. The vision of Whittle School & Studios for each of its 30+ campuses to celebrate global perspectives while preserving local roots. Chris is not only creating a global school at an unprecedented scale, but one that pays homage to the unique features of each locale's heritage.

The first two Whittle School campuses have launched in Washington DC, and Shenzhen, China and will both begin classes in the Fall of 2019.

To learn more, visit https://www.whittleschool.org/en/