IPSEF Newsletter

School development in China continues to improve for foreign partners

Arlo Kipfer, Business Development Manager from ISC Research reported that significant school development in China is anticipated as international education opportunities for school investors and Chinese families open up.

Recent amendments to China’s private education law mean that, if structured properly, investors can now obtain proceeds from for-profit schools outside the compulsory teaching phase, in addition to being able to set tuition fees without government approval.

The amendments are inclusive of international Chinese-owned private schools which can enrol Chinese nationals. These schools are able to offer learning in the language of English, and international curricula and qualifications for non-compulsory age students. There is massive demand for such schools from local Chinese nationals willing to pay extensively for a more Western style of learning to prepare their children well for higher education overseas. Now, with for-profit status, this is an appealing combination for investors and foreign partners.

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