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RECRUITMENT: Worldteachers Recruitment now in Asia

Worldteachers Recruitment was founded by Roddy Hammond in 2009 and is now recognised as one of the leading international education recruitment agencies. Worldteachers has been particularly successful in penetrating its market in the Middle East, working with a variety of international schools and with government school programmes. The company is confident of replicating this success in other regions.

Throughout 2017, Worldteachers has been researching and developing the market in Asia and has recently set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, run by Brian Mclean. Brian has many years’ experience working in China and has a background in international marketing in the education sector. “I have been working closely with some key local partners who are supporting our ambitious growth plans in China and the rest of Asia. We recognised that the market in China is a little different and a key part of our strategy is to provide significantly more information to teachers on life and work in China, and provide comprehensive support services to teachers once they arrive in China. Attracting and sourcing enough teachers to meet the incredible demand for teachers is very challenging. We intend to promote these exciting opportunities in a highly positive way and will be looking to have very high rates of retention by looking after the teachers. We will help them settle in and develop their career. Similarly, our service to the schools and language centres will be slightly different with greater information being shared between all parties to help achieve greater results.”


Brian Mclean

Regional Director APAC

Worldteachers Recruitment Ltd, UK.

Email: brian@worldteachers.net | www.worldteachers.net |