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Recent major legal updates affecting China’s education sector

The China K-12 education sector has presented huge opportunities for investors and international operators and it is obvious why. China is the largest country in the world by population, with latest United Nations estimates reporting a population of 1.42 million in 2018. Roughly 13% of its population are of school age. Although traditionally school education has been provided free of charge and by the State, this changed back in the late 1980s as non- Chinese nationals, unable to access State education and with an increasing amount of disposable income, created an opportunity for private schools, and the increasing internationalisation of China’s main economic hubs – Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing – saw an expatriate workforce keen to provide best in class private and international education to their children.

In 2018 we now see 806 international schools in China, having now overtaken the UAE, and with a number of well- known UK school brands operating (including Dulwich College, Wellington College and Harrow). Current growth projections are predominantly built around an expectation that an increasing amount of Chinese nationals will want to, and be able to, send their children to private schools teaching both the Chinese compulsory education curriculum and international curricula. For the rest of this article download it here