IPSEF Newsletter

New state of the art school being built for Shenwai Longgang International School

I am new to the region, and I am thoroughly enjoying recruiting and setting up a very small new school, in my role as Founding Principal of Shenwai Longgang International School (SLIS) www.slis.net.cn

SLIS is located in the Longgang area and we are in close contact with Huawei Technologies Company, which has its manufacturing headquarters very close to our school, and a number of our families work for Huawei. A very exciting feature about working in this part of China is being located at the home of WeChat. Working every day with this convenient and advanced technology is very exciting and the use of high-tech will be a huge part of our school’s mission and vision.

SLIS is currently on a temporary site, while a brand new state-of-the-art campus is being built for opening in 2019. SLIS is a candidate school for the PYP, and our eventual aim is to be an IB Continuum school located in the heart of high technology. Personally, it is a very exciting journey to be undertaking, living in a very modern city with the growth of interest in the IB in China. Shenzhen belies perhaps the traditional image of China and is leading the way in 21 century living and learning through excellent and efficient transport systems, malls, museums and entertainment. Shenzhen has developed a long way from its past days as a fishing village.