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How do Chinese students approach international universities?

In recent years, China has come to represent a major source of international students at universities around the world. For the US, the UK, and Canada, Chinese students represent over a fifth of all their international students; and at Australian universities, Chinese students make up almost 40%. The benefits of international education are clearly well-regarded in China: 1.08 million Chinese students received credits from foreign universities in 2015-2016, compared to 325,500 US students. What’s more, Chinese students embrace new languages more readily than any other set of students, travel further away, and enroll in longer programmes, opting for degrees and graduate study rather than semesters or years abroad. While the trends within destinations may shift slightly over the coming years - Australia is slightly down this year, while the UK and US both showed better growth rates for Chinese students than other nationalities - it’s clear that the benefits of an international university education are well understood in China, and that students are more likely than ever before to require college and careers guidance that is built for the international landscape. For more information visit the Bridge U website here