What is IPSEF?

IPSEF is a series of unique high level global conferences that combine keynote presentations, round tables, workshops and networking receptions to facilitate effective partnership building for senior figures from schools, investors, governments, and education suppliers.

This unrivalled blend of delegates, all of whom are senior decision makers, provides a unique platform for anyone interested in establishing or developing a school, either in their home territory or overseas.

With events taking place Asia and the Middle East, IPSEF addresses the markets of most importance and potential. Whilst each covers the core themes outlined below each has a regional emphasis, or in the case of London a focus on a particular issue or geographical area.

IPSEF delegates are responsible for operating, financing, managing, delivering, and supplying major international and private sector educational projects. In addition government representatives attend from divisions responsible for issues such as licensing and regulation.

In a spirit of openness delegates share their experiences in order to further enhance the quality of private sector education, particularly in an international context. The themes IPSEF addresses typically include:

  • Market analysis, trends and projections
  • Education as an investment - private equity and non-educator owners
  • Case histories of new schools: what worked and what did not
  • Teacher and senior staff recruitment, and CPD
  • Working with regulators (licensing, inspection, initiatives to attract schools, fee monitoring)
  • School design, construction and project management
  • Curriculum choices
  • Legal issues concerned with opening schools abroad / franchising
  • Buying, merging, selling or repositioning your school
  • ICT and school resources
  • How to manage challenges, whether political, natural, or financial.

At our Asian and Middle East events we also include a series of school visits, which provide valuable practical insights into some of the best educational initiatives and schools in the host cities. This combination of conference, partnership building and real life school visits provides delegates with a unique and valuable experience that can’t be experienced elsewhere.