IPSEF Speakers

Santhi Latha

Education Consultant

Santhi holds a Bachelor of Laws degree and an MBA. She started her professional career as a lecturer at a private law school and worked her way up the ranks becoming Deputy Principal in 2000. During that time, she worked directly with both British and Australian universities and Malaysian students for the purposes of student placement in selected universities.

In 2002, she joined Paramount Corporation Berhad, a public listed company as Project Manager for the setup of the first private primary and secondary smart school in Selangor [Sri KDU]. Her involvement included infrastructure development and fitting out as well as development of business partnerships and systems and structures for the school.

After completing the very successful school, in 2005 Santhi was invited by Sapura Berhad to set up their smart school in Subang. As Project Consultant, she was involved in the conceptualisation and development of the school and the development of the project physical infrastructure, product model as well as its technology infrastructure. This fast track project was completed in 14 months and the school was launched in January 2006.

She then transferred to the college arm of the school [APIIT College] where she held the position of Senior Manager, Student Services and was involved in marketing and student recruitment for both local and international students as well as management of the student activities, technology infrastructure and events as well as media management.

In 2007, Santhi was invited to rejoin the law school as Head of Corporate Development and was seconded to its private kindergarten, primary and secondary school in Seremban as Chief Executive Officer. Santhi is currently Education Consultant to another public listed company building a high-end international school in Setia Alam, set to be launched in 2015.

Santhi has been involved in education at both school and higher education level for more than two decades and believes that the best gift we can give our children is the best education we can make available to them. Santhi is currently doing her PhD in Education at Asia e University in Kuala Lumpur.