IPSEF Speakers

Daria Brodnikovskaya

Director of UWC development and candidate selection in Russia, Armenia and Georgia, RVVZ Foundation

Daria Brodnikovskaya is an educational professional with 9 years of experience in launching new academic products and running educational operations in Russia and abroad.

Lomonosov Moscow State University graduate, Daria specialized in computational mathematics and cybernetics (Department of mathematical statistics, specialization in risk management).

Currently Daria works at RVVZ Foundation that supports development of UWC (United World Colleges) movement in Russia, Armenia and Georgia. In 2013, she designed a selection procedure for UWC candidates from those three countries and launched functional operations of the UWC National Committees as well as promotional campaigns of the movement in those areas. The system allows to select future students in different countries for the colleges located all over the world. Above providing of support to National Committees’ operations, RVVZ Foundation furnishes scholarships for the selected candidates. This allows talented students from Russia, Armenia and Georgia in need of material support to pay for their education in UWC colleges.

Before joining UWC movement, Daria managed MBA programs of several higher institutions in Russia. From 2009 through 2013, she was a member of MBA team in Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Her role as MBA Operations Director spanned a range of MBA program operations, from selection of candidates to graduation, including design of international modules in Russia, India, China and the U.S. In 2006-2008, as member of Lomonosov Moscow State University’s business school team, she took part in launching of new MBA programs in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Daria’s expert insights on pre-university and post-graduate education as well as her solid managerial experience allow her to perform challenging tasks and manage non-standard educational projects.