IPSEF Speakers

Daniel Lewis

Principal, North London Collegiate School (NLCS) Dubai

Born and raised in the UK, Daniel Lewis completed his first university degree in Melbourne, Australia, where he also began his teaching career.

Returning to the UK in 2001 he taught briefly in the state sector prior to his appointment at North London Collegiate School (NLCS), and completed a Masters degree in English Literature at Birkbeck College, University of London, in 2004.

Since joining North London Collegiate, he has the held the posts of Director of Drama, Director of Extra-Curricular Activities and was appointed as Deputy Head in 2010. As Deputy Head, he had responsibility for establishing NLCS’s first overseas school, NLCS Jeju (South Korea) and was responsible for the delivery of all aspects of that project.

NLCS Jeju is a coeducational boarding and day school for 1400 students from ages 4 to 18. The graduating class of 2016, just the third cohort to complete the IB Diploma, achieved an average Diploma score of 38 points out of a possible 45, placing NLCS Jeju among the leading schools in North-East Asia after just 5 years of operation.

Mr Lewis has also been responsible for the delivery of the NLCS Dubai project to date and is delighted to have the opportunity to take the project forwards as Principal.