IPSEF Speakers

Alister Bartholomew

Chairman of Governors & Chief Operating Officer Haileybury Kazkahstan

Alister Bartholomew has over 30 years of experience in education during which he has served in a variety of roles, and as Head, in some of the UK’s most prestigious schools, including Shrewsbury and Haileybury. Latterly, his career has taken him into the world of strategic development both within the UK and in the world of international education, leading projects to establish branded partnerships for schools and university departments abroad. This includes both the Haileybury brand in Central Asia and the Dulwich Group in China and S.E Asia. He has also acted in a consultancy capacity for a number of schools including Marlborough and with universities such as Yale.

Having studied and worked in the UK, the USA and Australia and following more extensive experience internationally in both educational and commercial operations, Alister is well placed to understand and respond to the demands of a variety of educational systems and curricula and to the wide range of development opportunities around the world. He has led projects from concept to reality and established the educational structures required to make new schools and university links and partnerships successful. Installing the right systems, preparing the appropriate contractual arrangements and appointing the right Heads, Principals, Bursars and staff has been key to this.

Alister also has a strong background in the pastoral care of students in the boarding school sector and understands what makes for the right choice for parents and students in selecting the school or university appropriate to the individual academic potential. This involves ensuring that students are happy living away from home and are achieving the best examination results they can. Many former students who were in Alister’s care have gone on to achieve excellent results in both schools and universities and have consequently settled into fast track career opportunities.

Alister is supported in his work by a number of highly qualified and experienced colleagues located around the world, all of whom have worked with him for a number of years and share his vision.