IPSEF Asia |Shanghai, China , 23-26 April 2018

Conference and Visit Programme

Day 1: 23rd of April - Visits to Chinese schools

Nanwai King’s College School

And other schools to be announced

Day 2: 24th April - Conference


Main Conference Room

Dipont Chinese programme with local delegates in the morning 9-12 noon

Speakers so far include:

  • Benson Zhang, CEO and Founder, Dipont Education Group
  • Jianhua Zhou, Vice Chancellor of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
  • Zheng Zou, Principal, Nanjing Foreign Language School

Running In parallel:

IPSEF exhibitor workshops

Workshops will be delivered in English
Programme Information to follow shortly

12.00-1.00 Networking Lunch All

Main Conference Room

Timings will be announced in due course
Welcome speeches

Speakers to be announced

Market – UK Trade viewpoint

  • Lily Wen, Head of British-style Schools, Education and Skills, Department for International Trade, British Consulate-General Guangzhou
  • Vipul Bhargava, Specialist, Education, Technology and International Schools, Department for International Trade

Business Talk - Education Practise

Why set up an Education Business in China?

  • Speaker from L.E.K. Consulting

Panel Session from IPSEF Knowledge Partner - Legal

Everything you need to know about partnerships and legislation when developing a school in China – including Brand Protection

  • Ross Barfoot, Partner, Clyde & Co.
  • And Panellists

Seperate talk given by:

  • Dr. Maggie Koong, Chief Principal, Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO)

International School Insight:
What are your five languages?

Understanding the complexity of the linguistic experiences of pupils in a Shanghai international school. By broadening his school survey of pupil languages, Gerard was surprised to discover how complex were the linguistic experiences of his international school pupils. He will share some of the surprising findings and challenge our conceptions of what it means to be a native or second language English speaker.

  • Gerard MacMahon, Executive Master, Wellington College Shanghai

Opportunities for Chinese schools in the United Arab Emirates

  • Speakers will be announced shortly

Day 2 Conference closes and Networking Drinks Reception

Day 3: 25th of April - Conference

Business Talk

Presentation on international school growth, legislation and development potential in China

  • Arlo Kipfer, Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific and the Americas, ISC Research

IPSEF Partner Talk:
'Ticking all the boxes' - what needs to be considered in overseas school start-ups

Once the euphoria surrounding the decision to set up a new school overseas dies down, attention must focus on th e many different aspects which must be considered in detail and the timescale in which all of these must come together to make for a successful opening. The speaker will attempt to highlight some of the choices to be made including areas such as facilities specification, human and physical resourcing and systems design.

  • John Birchall, Education Director, Dipont

International School Insight:

Landing British education in China – opportunities, challenges, recommendations and afterthoughts

This talk will share some real cases of how British day care centres, kindergartens and schools are landed in China. Some conclusions will be made from those experiences.
Steven Yang, Chief Executive, Lucton School

  • 羊曦 Steven Yang
  • 行总裁 Chief Executive, 莱克顿学校(中国) Lucton School (China) and Opal Education

Creating an Impactful East-West Education Platform

Schools entering the Chinese education market must, in delivering their programs, be flexible enough to embrace this market’s culture and comply with the parameters of its regulations. Shattuck- St. Mary’s School will share the program it has developed to do so, one that embraces the important elements of the Chinese compulsory curricula, furthers the students’ appreciation for their Chinese culture, and provides a comprehensive and rigorous English medium, college preparatory program.”

  • Nick Stoneman, President, Shattuck St Mary’s School
  • Don MacMillan, Chief International Officer, Shattuck-St. Mary's School, USA
  • Dr. Greg Maloberti, Head of School, Shattuck-St. Mary's School, China

International Architects:
Design “Bridges” for Chinese Bilingual Schools

We believe active, social and personal learning space design is a generator for great schools and will present how specific applications of this philosophy define either a ‘heritage’ or a ‘future’ school character.

Through our experience designing and delivering international and bilingual schools across Asia we see the market will soon trend toward recognizable differentiation. Bridging both the expectation and experience gaps between operators and development groups is essential for successful Chinese bilingual school partnerships.
Broadway Malyan would like to share our understanding of how to ‘solve a site’ in ways that generate unique experiences for students, teachers, and parents; and define a common opinion for key stakeholders.

  • Harry Hoodless, Director (APAC), Broadway Malyan Shanghai
  • Ben Somner, Director or Architecture, Broadway Malyan Singapore

IPSEF Knowledge Partner:
Data for Leadership

Accountability for external stakeholders

  • James Neill, International Director, GL Education + one other speaker

School Association already working in China:
Upskilling early years teachers

Including information about our Validation Framework standards

  • Kevin J Ruth, Executive Director, ECIS

International Early Years Insights:
Developing Excellence in International Early Years Education

Early Excellence have a 20 year history of providing specialist, high quality, evidence based CPD and training for Early Years educators working with children aged 3 – 7. This presentation will focus on how our approach to supporting and extending quality ECE provision has been adapted, refined and developed to meet the challenges and opportunities of working in different cultural and national contexts.

  • Jan Dubiel, International Development Manager, Early Excellence

How to develop a successful International school

  • North London Collegiate School (speaker name to be announced)

International & Local Recruitment:
Teacher recruitment, retention, training

Unique challenges of recruiting western teachers to bilingual schools

  • Diane Jacoutot, Managing Director, Edvectus
  • Pearl Leung, Business Development Manager, China and Asia Region, Edvectus, Hong Kong

A School Leaders Story:
The most important qualities needed to be a successful international educator

Although parallels can be drawn for working successfully in the international field in other lines of work/business, Neil Bunting will focus his presentation on international education based on over 15 years of experience. Neil will describe how the IB Learner Profile attributes – such as open-mindedness– can be used to develop the necessary character attributes to adapt to other countries with very different value systems. Neil will talk both from a school recruitment perspective, and what an educator needs to develop in their toolkit to succeed internationally and will draw on his experience in the Middle East and South-East Asia, including China.

  • Neil Bunting, Founding Principal, Shenwai Longgang International School in Shenzhen
  • Jia Liu (Luka), Director, Shenwai Longgang International School in Shenzhen

Conference Closes

Day 4: 26th April - School visits

Wellington College International Shanghai School introduction

Opened in August 2014 and located in the New Bund area, Wellington College International Shanghai is a fully co-educational day and boarding school with over 950 pupils, aged 2 to 18 years old. Consistent with the ethos of its prestigious partner in the UK, the College seeks to develop the ‘Wellington Identity’ in every child. Wellingtonians are encouraged to be Inspired, Intellectual, Independent, Individual and Inclusive. Boasting a state-of-the-art campus, Wellington has built a vibrant community where all pupils strive to reach academic excellence and engage in a comprehensive range of opportunities in music, performing arts and sports.


Visit to: Harrow International School

*This programme is correct at this time, however Method International reserve the right to alter or cancel the programme and/or speakers due to circumstances beyond our control.

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